For Authors

Call for Papers (PDF)

General Terms

Only research works that have not previously been published and have not been presented for consideration to other conferences, journals or other print media are eligible for the conference. The papers can be submitted in English (preferred) and in Russian. If a paper is submitted in Russian, its title and abstract must be translated into English.

No remote participation is allowed. Each report included in the agenda of the scientific conference must be presented at the conference in person by at least one author, in the form of a speech or poster presentation. Moreover, at least one author must pay the registration fee in advance.

Types of Paper

Three types of works will be accepted for the conference: full paper, short paper and poster abstract. Works are accepted English or in Russian.

A full paper is 10-12 pages long and presents the results of a completed scientific study..

A short paper is 6-9 pages long and presents tentative results obtained during the course of a scientific study in progress.

A poster abstract is up to 2 A4 pages long and can contain information on the plans and initial results of a scientific study that has recently started.

Paper Formatting

Full and short papers in English must meet Communications in Computer and Information Science by Springer standards. Please refer to Information for Authors of Springer Proceedings and Information for Authors of Springer Computer Science Proceedings. Authors will be requested to sign Springer's Consent to Puiblish.

Papers in Russian and poster abstracts must meet Parallel Computational Technologies Conference standards (please keep in mind only difference in paper sizes).

Terms and Dates

Material submission consists of the following steps:

  1. preliminary paper application
  2. prelimianry conference agenda
  3. abstract submission
  4. paper submission
  5. submission review
  6. early conference agenda
  7. camera ready submission edited after reviewers comments
  8. 2nd submission review for conditionally accpeted papers
  9. final conference agenda
  10. conference proceedings contents
  11. recommendations to scientific journals
  12. presentation at the conference
  13. conference proceedings available on the site (full papers in Russian, short papers, and poster abstracts)
  14. CCIS Springer volume publications (full papers in English)

Paper Review

All materials submitted to the conference will be reviewed by experts (blind review, 3 reviewers per each paper). Upon the evaluation of the experts, the Program Committee will select works to be included in the conference agenda. The final form of the paper and report will be determined by the Program Committee proceeding on the type and quality of the work submitted and considering the authors’ suggestions.

Proceedings Publication

Full papers in Russian, short papers and poster abstracts accepted to the conference will be published in the proceedings, which will be available just after the conference at the conference web site. The proceedings will be pushed for indexation in

Full papers (and a very limited number of short papers) in English will be published in the selected conference proceedings volume in Communications in Computer and Information Science series by Springer (Scopus, WoS). These papers will not be published in the above mentioned proceedings at the conference web site.

Best papers in English will be recommended to publish in the Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations Journal (Scopus).

Best full papers in Russian, including all full papers from PhD Showcase will be published (after extra editorial work) in one of the following scientific journals:

Presenting Papers at the Conference

Session talks shall be up to 20 minutes long, that including Q&A sessions and discussions.

Posters shall be presented in the form of an A1 poster. Authors of posters must print the posters and bring them to the conference on their own. There will be a special session devoted to short (3-4 minutes) presentation of posters.

Best papers, posters and PhD Showcase papers will be awarded.

Paper Submission

You can submit a paper using the EasyChair system. Direct link to submission page:

You need to sign up before using the EasyChair system. If you have already registered, you may need to choose the "RuSCDays'19" conference and "Author" role. After logging into the system, select “New Submission” from the menu in the top left corner. Then select whether you are submitting a paper/poster for the main conference, paper for PhD Showcase or paper for one of the workshops.