Parallel Large-Scale Graph Processing Workshop

Workshop Agenda

Monday, September 23, 2019, 14:10-15:50
"Chistye Prudy" Hall
The workshop will be held in English

How to Approach Large-Scale Aircrew Scheduling Problems [PDF]
Alexander Pozdneev, IBM

A Method of Initial Partition Selection for Kernighan-Lin Algorithm [PDF]
Mikhail Sheblaev, Faculty of Space Research, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Developing Efficient Implementations of Shortest Paths and Page Rank algorithms for NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA Architecture [PDF]
Ilya Afanasyev, Vadim Voevodin, Vladimir Voevodin, Kazuhiko Komatsu, Hiroaki Kobayashi, Research Computing Center of Moscow State University / Tohoku University, Sendai, Miyagi

Increasing diversity of data sources (IoT, social media platforms, mobile devices) and importance of the knowledge it provides for government, business, education etc. drives the data analysis technologies and its applications. The computational methods of future artificial intelligence (AI) applications tend to consume much amount of computing system resources including arithmetic operation units, memory, interconnect bandwidth, as well as they will need to scale for many nodes. That states the new challenges for system architectures and programming software developers. In the core of these applications are graph algorithms which have to be fast on large volumes of data. These and other related topics will be covered in the Parallel Large-Scale Graph Processing Workshop as a part of Rusian Supercomputing Days 2019.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Applications in high performance computing, big data, and artificial intelligence
  • Graph theory, parallel graph analysis algorithms
  • Tools for large-scale graph processing and artificial intelligence
  • Promising hardware architectures for high performance computing and artificial intelligence

Important dates

  • August 26 – application submission
  • September 5 – author notification


Please send your application thesis to alxdr.semenov at gmail com.
Thesis should give opportunity for Program Committee to evaluate the application relevance and quality.

Program Committee

  • Voevodin V. V., Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, MSU RCC (co-chair)
  • Simonov A. S., PhD, JSC NICEVT (co-chair)
  • Semenov A. S., PhD, DISLab (JSC NICEVT)
  • Frolov A. S., DISLab (JSC NICEVT)
  • Pozdneev A.V., PhD, IBM
  • Chernoskutov M. A., IMM Ural Dep. of RAS


Alexander Semenov, DISLab (JSC NICEVT), e-mail: alxdr.semenov at gmail com
Alexander Frolov, DISLab (JSC NICEVT), e-mail: alexndr.frolov at gmail com